On this page we will try to provide answers to some of the questions that may arise when considering a fine jewelry purchase. Making an informed decision about any purchase is often difficult and frustrating. We hope that these FAQ's will be helpful in your search for knowledge and information about jewelry and assist in selecting the right jewelry for you. For questions about Diamonds and to learn more about the cut and clarity please visit our Learn About Diamonds Page.
When will my package ship?
We will try to ship the item with in 1-7 business days.
How are orders packaged?
Each piece is displayed in an attractive jewelry box. The jewelry is further wrapped within secure packaging to guarantee the safety of your purchase in transport.
Can I order gift certificates?
At the present time, our site is unable to issue or accept gift certificates. Please check back with us soon, as we are working to make them available in the near future.
Is Gift Wrapping Available?
Not at the moment.
Are the diamonds real?
We deal only in genuine diamonds. Each and every stone goes through stringent tests for those little imperfections that assure us we're not getting fakes. You can be rest assured of the quality and genuineness of the diamonds sold at CUSTOM CREATIONS.
What if my order gets lost or damaged in shipping?
If there are any issues with a shipment, contact our Customer Care Department immediately by sending an email to CustomCreationsbybarbara@Gmail.com Please provide as much details as you can of the items and the order. Our staff will respond to your mail immediately or give you a call. Your satisfaction is very important to us.
What if I don't like my item? What are your return policies? Shipping Policies?
Please see our Terms & Conditions page.
Is it safe to use my credit card over the Internet?
We accept credit card payments via Pay Pal only. Pay pal uses the latest Internet security technology to protect your credit card information. This system is compatible with both the Netscape and Internet Explorer web browsers and ensures that your credit card number is protected and cannot be viewed by outside parties.
If I am purchasing a gift for someone else, will they know how much I paid?
No. We can ship to the address you have specified while placing the order. (Item will be shipped after PayPal is cleared) If paying by credit card, the shipment will be made to the address specified. For clear instructions on such specific shipment please use our additional comments text box at the checkout while entering billing address and shipping address
How do I check the status of my order?
To check the status of your order, simply call us or send us e-mail at CustomCreationsbybarbara@Gmail.com and our customer service representative will be pleased to help you. Please have your order ID ready or refer to your order confirmation email.
Why is 18K gold valuable than 14K?
18K (Karat) gold is more pure which means it contains a higher percentage of gold. Pure gold is 24K, 18K gold is 75% pure and so on.
Is it safe to mail a diamond?
Since we ship our diamonds by carriers like FedEx and UPS, the incidence of loss is generally no greater than with any other item you might ship. Additionally, all shipments are fully insured.
What if I can't find the diamond jewelry I want on your site?
We want you to find the perfect diamond jewelry. If you do not find in our diamond jewelry inventory what you are looking for, call us at 1 (212) 221-1371
For further information or assistance you may send E-mail to CustomCreationsbybarbara@Gmail.com